OBX Operations Manager/Independent Contractor

Life of the Party, LLC is a home-based party rental company based in Virginia Beach, VA. We specialize in renting commercial margarita machines to customers for parties, reunions, weddings, church functions and corporate events. The company is owned and operated by a Virginia Beach Firefighter.

We are seeking an operations manager/independent contractor to operate the OBX territory during the summer months. The ideal candidate is someone with a
1. ability to house, clean and prep machines at their home when not in use by customers
2. a flexible schedule that accommodates delivery and pick up of your machines
3. large vehicle capable of transporting the equipment to and from the customer

No retail space is needed. The business can be run 100% out of your home in accordance with your local laws and regulations. The business model can either function:

a. where the operations manager delivers and picks up the machine OR
b. the customer comes to you and picks up the machine

Compensation to the operations manager would be paid out on a job by job basis. The operations manager would be compensated 50% of all revenue generated by the machines in your territory. For example, a customer pays $400 for a weekly rental of one of the margarita machines. The operations manager keeps $200 for fulfilling the job and the other half goes to the company to pay the owners, pay for overhead, marketing, etc.

You have the ability to make your own schedule and run your operation the best way that suits you.

My Favorite Thing in Business

One of my favorite things in business is seeing friends help with each other’s businesses. This past weekend I had the privilege of servicing two friend’s parties.

For one party, a fellow co worker and firefighter, rented a single bowl frozen drink machine. He was celebrating finishing up with a big week of training and wanted to cut loose with some of his friends. So, John ended up going with the Lemonade flavor, which pairs excellent with Vodka.

The other party was for a friend I’ve known since JMU. We went to school there together and had the same circle of friends. They were celebrating their son’s 7th birthday. And since COVID ruined everyone’s birthday last year, she decided to go all out. Jo-lyn rented the photo booth and since their son loves the WWE right now, I put the WWE logo on the photo booth layout.

It was a great weekend for these reasons, but also a few more. Summer is getting closer, the weather is getting warmer and COVID appears to be under control. I am glad to be getting back to the grind of my summer job.

How the Reservation Process Works

How Cost is Determined

One of the most frequent questions we get is how the process of reservation works. While email and text are both great ways to let us know what you’re looking for and when, a phone call is usually the best means of contact. The cost of equipment is largely based on the location of the event and is the single biggest factor is determining the cost of the rental. The other factor is the date of the event. Summer is the most popular season and weekends are in strong demand.

Reservation How to

Once you let us know what you’re looking for, your location, party times, contact information and approve of our proposed delivery times, we’ll e-mail you an invoice with all of the information captured. All of our invoicing and credit card transactions are handled through Square. Once the invoice is paid, your reservation is complete and the next time you’ll hear from us is typically to confirm your delivery time a couple of days before your event. The reservation process is actually quite easy. Make sure to check your junk or spam folder in you don’t see your reservation invoice.

Payment Stuff

The last two years there has been a steady uptick in customers who prefer to make a deposit and have the balance due closer to the date of the event. In this scenario, Life of the Party, LLC will send your invoice with an automated payment schedule. All major credit cards, checks and cash are accepted. There is usually a $50 due to hold the reservation on the date you choose. The balance of that invoice will then become due 2-3 weeks prior to the event.

If you’re hosting an upcoming party, check out what we have to offer and give us a call. The Margarita Machines are always a great hit. However, there are also popcorn, snow cone and cotton candy machines that are great for birthday parties or special occasions.

Cocktail Mix Delivery Day!

We love delivery day. About once or twice per year a bulk order of cocktail mixes is made from our preferred vendor, Swirled Ice. Swirled Ice is based out of Houston, Texas. Because of nasty weather in Texas the shipment was delayed but it finally arrived. I drive out to the FedEx receiving facility to pick it up. The shipment full-filler places cocktail mix pallet right inside my vehicle and I drive off.

This cocktail delivery order has a bunch of the top three sellers (Margarita Gold, Strawberry Daiquiri, and Pina Colada), but also a variety of others flavors. This year I ordered a lot more Lemonade as they are really good with Vodka and a lot more people have been asking about good mixes to use with Vodka. There is also Mojito, Hurricane, Mudslide, Rum Runner, Sangria. Also a bunch of other kid flavors that are great for making slurpees. I look forward to a season using these mixes in the margarita machines!

How to Murder a Margarita

There is Literally Hundreds of Ways to Make a Margarita

The one variable that will never change is the quality of the Tequila that you use. Tequila is made from the Blue Agave plant thats natively grown in Jalisco and certain other areas of Mexico. The leaves of the Blue Agave plant are stripped and the core, also called the Pina, are heated and pressed. Its the juices from this Pina that are distilled into the Tequila you are drinking. Tequilas that are not 100% blue agave are referred to as Mixtos. Mixto Tequila can have up to 49% non agave sugars and sweeteners. Much of the time, these other sweeteners are cheap cane sugars and even worse, chemicals and dyes are added to make it look and taste like 100% blue agave. Hence when you need salt and lime to take these awful liquors down. If you had a bad experience in college, its probably because you were drinking really bad tequila.

COVID 19 and Weddings

How COVID 19 has Changed Wedding Receptions

There is no doubt that last year (2020) was awful for couples getting married. Big crowds were banned, masks were mandated and family gatherings were frowned upon. 2020’s pandemic has and will probably change what the wedding reception will look like in 2021. Rather than massive venue receptions that can entertain hundreds of guests, this year we will most likely see more intimate venues getting used. These more intimate venues can be the more traditional Hampton Roads wedding venues such as The Historic Post Office, The Main and other big hotels but slightly watered down with crowd numbers. However, whats more likely is these receptions are moved to residential properties where small crowds can comfortably gather in a backyard or large house. The cost is cheaper and the crowd size is safer.

While Life of the Party has brought Margarita Machines to the big traditional venues in Hampton Roads, where our services are of tremendous value are these residential receptions. Typically, the budget is a bit smaller and there isn’t as much outside help with things like servings cocktails, running food, etc. We have seen first hand how convenient it is and how relived families are when they can set up a slushie machine in the house or backyard and there is no need for someone to manually mix cocktails, blend ice or staff a bar.

The Double Bowl Drink Machine is especially perfect for this as it can hold and operate two different mixtures at the same time. You could either have something like Strawberry Daiquiris on one side and Margaritas on the other or have any alcoholic drink you prefer on one side and a virgin drink on the other.

If you’re considering an backyard or residential venue for your reception this year, please consider reaching out to us to make your special day convenient and within budget.