Mixing Instructions

Bar mixes
Specific mixing directions are printed on each half gallon bottle of the Bar mixes.
The fruit flavors or others for slush are going to say, mix 5:1

Standard 5:1 Ratio
(5:1 means 1 part mix to 5 parts water. These bottles are 1/2 gallon sized bottles so 5 parts of water is 2.5 gallons  NOT 5 gallons) so you would mix the bottle of concentrate with 2.5 gallons of water for the correct ratio (3 Total Gallons of Mix).
*  3 Gallons will make 385oz of mix:  (35) 10 oz drinks or (50) 8oz drinks
Standard 7:1 Ratio:
(7:1 means 1 part mix to 7 part water.  These bottles are 1/2 gallon sized bottles so 7 parts of water is 4.5 gallons and NOT 7 gallons) so you would mix the bottle of concentrate with 4.5 gallons of water and liquor for the correct ratio.  (5 Total Gallons of Mix)
*  5 Gallons will make 640oz of mix: (65) 10oz drinks or (80) 8oz drinks


Blender Instructions
5 to 1 Bottle (3 Gallon Mix): To make these drinks in a standard 42oz blender, fill the blender with Ice add 1 cup of mix and 1 cup of alcohol and add about 1/2 cup water and blend. This is for the mixes that yield 3 gallons.

7 to 1 Bottle (5 Gallon Mix):  Fill the 42oz blender with ice, add 5 oz of mix, 8 oz of alcohol, 8 oz water and blend

How To Freeze Your Mix

Operating the machine: Once you have your 3 gallons of mix poured into the hopper, go ahead and press the power button.

Once the power is on, the next thing to do is tell the machine to freeze the mixture. For this, use the snowflake button. The snowflake button has 3 settings: off, chill, and ice. For frozen drinks, choose ICE and be sure to do this on both sides of the machine if applicable. It could take up to 2 minutes for the compressor to kick on and up to 2 hours for the mixture to freeze, depending on ambient temperature.

Powering down: Press the snowflake button to “off”. After about 3 minutes, you’ll hear the compressors and fan shut down. Once the compressors are shut down, simply press power


How to assemble and operate the Bunn Frozen Drink Machine