OBX Operations Manager/Independent Contractor

Life of the Party, LLC is a home-based party rental company based in Virginia Beach, VA. We specialize in renting commercial margarita machines to customers for parties, reunions, weddings, church functions and corporate events. The company is owned and operated by a Virginia Beach Firefighter.

We are seeking an operations manager/independent contractor to operate the OBX territory during the summer months. The ideal candidate is someone with a
1. ability to house, clean and prep machines at their home when not in use by customers
2. a flexible schedule that accommodates delivery and pick up of your machines
3. large vehicle capable of transporting the equipment to and from the customer

No retail space is needed. The business can be run 100% out of your home in accordance with your local laws and regulations. The business model can either function:

a. where the operations manager delivers and picks up the machine OR
b. the customer comes to you and picks up the machine

Compensation to the operations manager would be paid out on a job by job basis. The operations manager would be compensated 50% of all revenue generated by the machines in your territory. For example, a customer pays $400 for a weekly rental of one of the margarita machines. The operations manager keeps $200 for fulfilling the job and the other half goes to the company to pay the owners, pay for overhead, marketing, etc.

You have the ability to make your own schedule and run your operation the best way that suits you.